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posted Nov 18, 2012 21:14:16 by Lauryn
Hello everyone! It's Lauryn Spencer. Some of you may already know me from Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. You may also know me because I was the creator of! Which I am taking down, because I'm not on there anymore. But, this is a new website, for artists! People who draw, write, sing, or act can socialize and share their work on this website! Cool huh? I know there are a lot of artist out there, so I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a website where you can share you work with the world? This site is a FRIENDLY one and I want to keep it that way. So please NO BULLYING. Please don't post rude comments on someone's work and do not take credit for someone else's work. Thank you and have fun!
Hi my name is Lauryn i am the owner and designer of this site ;)
Hope you enjoy it! (:
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